The Barnes Foundation

At 93,000 square feet, the new Barnes is a limestone building made up of two long sections set parallel to each other. The façades are composed of 12-foot-tall panels of limestone, each weighing approximately 4,800 pounds. The panels have been staggered to give them the appearance of stacked stone blocks, above which is perched a... The Barnes Foundation

The Villanova Commons

The Villanova Commons includes 6 residential buildings at 425,000 square feet and is a living and learning community that includes a pedestrian bridge. In addition to the 450,000 high-strength and standard concrete block, this project required 5,000 tons of fieldstone, 28,000 cubic feet of cast stone, 140,000 face brick, 7,000 paving brick, 113,000 cubic feet of colored... The Villanova Commons